University preparatory courses


Students interested in continuing their studies in Hungary will find preparatory courses in numerous universities from Debrecen to Budapest, from Budapest to Szeged, from Szeged to Pécs.

Preparatory courses throughout the country

Preparatory courses are launched in nearly all of the major university towns, focusing mainly on the more popular areas of higher education.

For those who are preparing for the engineering profession, preparatory courses are held at the University of Technology and Economics (BME) in Budapest, and at the College of Dunaújváros. Courses in business are also held at these two institutions, as well as at the University of Pécs, the Szolnok University College and the Tomori Pál College. Preparation in science and music is offered by the University of Debrecen. At the Szent István University you can study subjects related to the chosen course in English. Preparation for medical programs is held in Debrecen and Pécs, at the University of Szeged and at the McDaniel College in Budapest.

Courses are especially targeted at foreign students who wish to continue their university or college studies in Budapest. Their goal is to prepare the students for the requirements of entry tests to the universities by Hungarian standards. An important part of every course is the development of English language skills and compensation for certain missing elements in the knowledge of subjects taught in secondary school.

A final examination is held at the end of the preparatory courses. By completing this at an adequate level, and based on the course results, students gain admission to Bachelor programs in certain institutions, for example the College of Dunaújváros. However, students are not granted similar advantages in a number of other places, and they have to take the same entrance examinations as those who did not participate in the preparatory year. In any case, the entrance examination is a minor obstacle for them because of what they learn at the courses. The amount of the tuition fee varies between 3400 and 6700 euros.

The following section gives more details about some of the opportunities.

Pre-Medical Program in Budapest

The McDaniel College of Budapest, which has operated for twenty years now, offers two-semester preparatory courses in English as well as in German. Both programs are highly popular - as we have learned from Zsuzsa Wollner program director. The program prepares students for medical programs in Budapest, Pécs and Szeged, and the veterinary program in Budapest.

The number of international students attending the program each year varies between 150 and 300, and they come from around 25 countries: most of them are from Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Norway, Sweden and Iran. Around one hundred students attend the German language program each year, most of who are from Germany, but some students also come from Austria. The English language program costs 5200 euros, and the tuition at the German language program is 6695 euros.

Students study biology, chemistry, physics and Hungarian language. In addition to these, the courses entitled General English, English Communication and Medical English are also offered in the English language program. Zsuzsa Wollner emphasised that Medical English is a very important element of the program, as students usually arrive with a general vocabulary, which is not enough for understanding a lecture at the medical university or the terminology of a textbook later on.
Based on the experiences of past years, completing the course is very useful, as 85-90% of the students take a successful entrance examination - as we have been told.

English language Program at the McDaniel College

The two-semester English language preparatory course is basically designed to prepare for the Business or Communication programs of McDaniel. However, there are students who complete the English course and then the Pre-Medical Program, and take the entrance examination to a medical university.
The English language Program offers classes in General English, Reading, Writing, Communication, Science Reading, Business English, English for Special Purposes, etc., fitted to the needs of the students and their future studies. The tuition fee is 5200 euros here, too.

Several other services are offered to students of the preparatory courses at the College. The staff helps in finding accommodation, they secure a Reading Room, where students can study in the breaks between classes. They can have breakfast and lunch in the College building, and the Internet can be used free of charge. Beside these, several other programs are organised for them.

Pre-Medical Program in Pécs

The medical course in Pécs launched four years ago, with 13-15 Korean students. It has become increasingly popular during these years, with 60 students arriving this year, also from South Korea - as we learned from Dr. Ella Álmos, Head of the International Studies Center.

Students arrive in March each year, and participate in a four-month preparatory program. The program costs 3500 euros. Courses comprise 120 hours in subjects related to the field - biology, physics and chemistry -, 40 in Medical English, 120 in English language and 120 in Hungarian. Based on a preliminary test, technical subjects are taught to groups at different levels.

Students are hosted in dormitories in Pécs, and programs are organised to help them acquaint with the neighbourhood and the country in which most of them will continue their studies at university. All of this contributes to the adaptation of the newly arrived students to the new environment and culture.
After the preparatory program, students take an entrance examination to the University of Pécs in August. They take a written test in the technical subjects, and an oral test in English language.

Preparatory course at the Szolnok University College

The course in Szolnok launched three years ago with 15 Chinese students. Students came from Turkey and India in the second year, and Turkish and Indian as well as Nigerian and Egyptian students will come again this year - as László Szacsúri, Head of International Studies has informed us.
The program lasting from the beginning of February till the end of August costs 3400 euros. The emphasis is on the English language and mathematics here. Beside these, students learn Hungarian, Computer Applications and introduction to the Hungarian and the European culture.
Students participating in the preparatory courses can use the same services as those in the bachelor program. They live in the same dormitory, in double rooms with a shower and Internet connection. The library is in a building directly connected to the dormitory, and provides e-library as well as other services.
Students take tests in mathematics and English at the end of the preparatory courses, and if they achieve the required level, we admit them to our Bachelor programs - Szacsúri has told us.