Students’ assessment of their academic and social conditions


The EUROSTUDENT VII flash report is published in English

The EUROSTUDENT VII international higher education student survey provides a comprehensive picture of the social conditions and study characteristics of students in Hungarian higher education. The English version of the flash report is now available for the public audience.

How does parents’ educational background affect the students’ academic career? How much and for what do the students spend for, and do they have financial problems? How much among them have a persistent health demage that affects their student life? Just a few of the questions students answered to in 2019 as part of an international survey conducted by the Department of Higher Education Analysis of the Educational Authority.

The EUROSTUDENT survey, which is repeated every three years, focuses on several issues:


The results of EUROSTUDENT VII shed light on many areas that may have an impact on students' lives and influence their study success. The data enable students, instructors, professors, policy-makers and many other stakeholders, as well as those in a more general public interested in higher education, to get to know the situation and operation of higher education from a new perspective, that is, the perspective of students.

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