Heterogeneity of students and higher education institutions


The final volume of EUROSTUDENT VII international student survey in Hungary has been published and can be downloaded from our website.

boritoFor more than two decades, the EUROSTUDENT International Higher Education Student Survey has been one of the most important large-scale surveys in the European Higher Education Area, providing data on the living conditions and learning characteristics of students and on functioning of higher education institutions in the participating countries. In 2018-2021, the research was conducted for the seventh time in the European Higher Education Area and for the third time in Hungary. In addition to the international comparison, the research is also a unique source of data for the Hungarian higher education sector and policy-making, which enables the analysis of the operation of institutions, the quality of education and many characteristics of the students from housing through their incomes and expenditures as well as their expectations and plans for further learning.

In the final volume of this research, we intend to share the results with policy makers, leaders and staff of higher education institution, and of course with a wider professional audience interested in current issues in higher education. In order to take the institutional diversity of Hungarian higher education into account, and to show its connection with student characteristics, we present the indicators that best represent the social and academic characteristics of students by comparing institutional groups. The results can be considered as a snapshot of higher education under normal conditions in the last year preceding the COVID-19 pandemic and of the student experience at that time.


The book can be downloaded by clicking here »